Industrial Tourism Creates a New Platform for the Development of Vinegar Industry

时间:2015年05月27日 来源: 进入论坛

  On October 30, 2014, an expert panel composed of Taiyuan Tourism Bureau came to our company to review and evaluate our vinegar culture tourism park project, accompanied by Shi Baohua, Director of Qingxu Tourism Bureau and relevant staff. Ma Jie, assistant general manager of the company, and Li Xin, manager of tourism management department, received the reception and reported to the leaders.

  The company invested in the construction of vinegar Industrial Park and vinegar cultural tourism park projects, which were listed as key provincial construction projects by Shanxi provincial government in 2011 and 2012. In 2013, the first phase of vinegar Industrial Park was completed and put into operation, and the production of vinegar achieved the leading level of information control and mechanized operation.


There are dozens of precious plants in the greening vegetation, such as Lagerstroemia, Begonia, Sophora japonica, Ginkgo biloba and Magnolia violacea. There are more than ten kinds of economic fruit trees, such as walnut, jujube, hawthorn, apple and persimmon. There are also more than 500 mu organic crop planting bases, which are equipped with environmental protection facilities such as sewage treatment stations, sprinklers and dust collectors. The park has excellent air quality and complete office and living facilities. The main attractions open to tourists are vinegar making workshop, solar energy aging workshop, cans and packaging workshop, as well as cultural corridor, video broadcasting hall, Lake garden, Zilin ecological park and other leisure places.

Zilin Vinegar Industrial Park is located on the golden tour route from Taiyuan to Jinzhong Manor, Qiaojia Courtyard, Mianshan and other famous tourist attractions; the brewing technology of Shanxi old vinegar, an intangible cultural heritage, has a strong tourist attraction; the factory appearance of greening and beautifying, good air quality, first-class environmental protection facilities and equipment create a good environment for the development of leisure and vacation tourism.

After the completion of the vinegar cultural tourism project, a new cultural communication platform and a new humanistic landscape will be created for the development of vinegar industry in the whole province, which will also greatly promote the development of cultural tourism in our city. 

(Wen/Integrated Office Peng Zhang)