Make every product safe and secure

时间:2015年05月27日 来源: 进入论坛

(Xinhua: Pangchu) On August 27, 2014, the food safety collecting activities in Sanjin were officially launched by Shanxi Social Affairs Investigation Center and the Food Industry Association of Shanxi Province and more than ten media at the provincial and municipal levels. On September 3, the media team came to our company for interviews and research.

It is understood that this is the second large-scale and deep-seated public welfare activity of food safety processing enterprises in Shanxi Province since the action of food safety media coverage last year. The purpose is to strengthen the main responsibility and moral integrity consciousness of food enterprises in our province, promote the healthy development of the food industry, enhance the interaction between food enterprises and consumers, and let consumers have a better understanding of food safety. Enterprises should deepen their understanding and vigorously publicize the normative business practices of law-abiding enterprises, moral enterprises and conscientious enterprises.


During the event, the group visited our aging workshop, packaging workshop, cultural corridor, technology center and so on. They had a preliminary understanding of the company's overall outlook. After the visit, the mining group watched the enterprise propaganda film in the company conference room. Yan Yufeng, deputy general manager of our company, introduced the development process and product safety guarantee system of the company in detail for the visiting press group, so that everyone could have a detailed understanding of the company's food safety control methods from the source, production and sales.

Yan Yufeng introduced when answering the reporter's questions: Through scientific and technological innovation, our company realized the process of "steaming, fermenting, fumigation, spraying and aging" in the production of traditional vinegar, and realized the mechanization of the whole production, pipeline transportation and information control. The production technology reached the advanced level of the domestic industry, which greatly reduced the production cost while guaranteeing the product quality; secondly, the company has its own quality and safety system. Quality traceability system, from the production of raw materials to the brewing of products, from the distribution of logistics to the final sale, each link is strictly checked to ensure the quality and safety of each product.