Zilin Vinegar Industry: Good business produce good vinegar

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  Shanxi Zilin Vinegar Industry Co., Ltd. is the important leader and model of National Agriculture Production Industry, of which the main production is to brew vinegar. Since its foundation in 2000, Zilin company win the market by quality and promote the market development by good service under a low situation in the vinegar industry. By inviting Chinese famous actress Xufan as its product image speaker, Zilin opens the vinegar’s sales market quickly and ranked to the leading position in Chinese vinegar industry. What is the secret to make the company get such achievements in a short time.? Reporter interviewed the company’s CEO Mr. Jianchun Luo trying to uncover the operating secret behind Zilin company.

On August 18th Morning, reporter came to the vinegar industrial park of Shanxi Zilin Vinegar industry Co.,Ltd. , which is located in Qingxu County Taiyuan city, namely ”Chinese vinegar capital”. There’s a six story building standing in the park, a few dark coffee colored buildings and a dozen of silver white tanks in the distance. The company’s CEO Mr. Jianchun Luo said,”The six-story building is a comprehensive office building; the constructions of distant deep coffee color are brewing, packing, sterilizing workshop; the silver white tank is stainless vinegar storage and each of them can store up thousand tons.”   

     In the brewing workshop, the air was filled with strong vinegar flavor. The wide field was stocked with rows of stainless steel brewing vinegar pool. One machine was agitating the vinegar substrate material. Jianchun Luo said,”In the vinegar industrial park, the vinegar production technology is on the basis of inheriting traditional technique, integrating the essence of traditional technique, combining with modern mechanization and information technique to optimize the innovation. In the premise of ensuring the traditional Shanxi mature vinegar’s quality, from the initial material handling to the last procedure packaging, vinegar production has realized mechanization in the whole production. This agitating vinegar material machine is designed by ourselves according to vinegar production technology. ”

     Reporter: Zilin Vinegar Industry always adhere to be a honest man, produce the product honestly, honest management and“Carry forward the culture of Shanxi Merchants and develop traditional industry as their responsibility; Provide consumers with safe, nutrient and healthy food ”as the enterprise’s mission. For what kind of consideration? 

    Jianchun Luo,: Being an honest person, culture prospering enterprise, & gathering strength cast the enterprise development motivation. The company insists on advance of economy and culture together, return to the society actively, supports the development of social undertakings actively, carries out the marketing concept which is“ credit is the basis, business morality is the soul, quality is the first, service is the best”, shapes the enterprise good external image and enrich the connotation of enterprise culture. By increasing investment and project, scientific arranging the labor, expending employment, the company creates non-attrition but synergistic performance and set up a good enterprise image so as to realize the management goal of the sustainable development of enterprises, to better fulfill the social responsibility.

Producing the product honestly; product quality prospering enterprise; putting the food safe to the core, all of which are the enterprise competitive, is the development foundation. In the development course of Zilin, the company survives on the quality and develops on the quality. Pay special attention to the source; use the principle of high technology, high demand and high standard to develop enterprise. Every production program has developed the relevant inspection way. Ensure the product’s quality safe by using the internal strict management. Zilin has passed “Certificate of Quality Management System(ISO 9001)”, “Certificate of Food Safety Management System (ISO 22000 HACCP)”, “Certificate of Environmental Management System(ISO 14001) ”, “Certificate of Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS 18001)”and Organic Product Certificate”etc. The good faith depends on the product high quality, which brings Zilin healthy and rapid development.

Honest management and brand prospering enterprise make Shanxi Vinegar Industry stronger and bigger. The company use all kinds of Media publicity to comprehensively spread“Zilin”Brand Vinegar. Cooperation with internal famous actress Xufan, Zilin use celebrity charm to upgrade the brand and drive Zilin Brand consolidation and extension and take an important step for shaping Shanxi Mature Vinegar new image. This movement is not the precedent, but Zilin's inviting the famous actress as the brand image speaker in domestic vinegar industry open the vinegar industry brand era’s arrival and lay Zilin’s lofty mission and historical responsibility of Zilin making Shanxi Vinegar Industry stronger and bigger.

The company, as a leading enterprise, of which one hand is base and the other hand is market, walk out of a new mode of County economy development. Following the way of sustainable Development, Zilin accomplish the strategy plan of “creating a famous brand, moving an vinegar industry, prospering the local economy and making the local people rich”.

Reporter: Although Shanxi vinegar is famous, there are also many brands. So the competition is very fierce. How can Zilin company maintain the competitive edge in such fierce marketing environment to achieve a long-term development?

Jianchun Luo: With the vinegar market competition intensifying, “rapid development, comprehensive development and scientific development”become Zilin developing priority and practical needs, but also is the common will of Zilin family. On the basis of macro grasping the development trend of China Food Industry, Zilin increase the optimization of structural adjustment, comprehensively enhance the level of process equipment and scientifically make “the 12th five year”developing strategy plan to promote Mature Vinegar industrial scale, mechanization and informationization development and to realize traditional advantageous industry’s technological transformation and technological process, to  significantly enhance enterprise’s strength and competitive, and try to contribute our share for constructing Shanxi mature vinegar industry becoming Taiyuan characteristic industrial system. The company invest in the construction of an annual of 300 thousand tons vinegar industrial park and vinegar culture tourism project. It will form modern large-scale vinegar production demonstration park which making modern vinegar production industrial park as the core, gathering vinegar culture tourism park, vinegar cubic physical therapy health care center, enterprise technology center, vinegar production technology training center, vinegar project technology center, vinegar and health research center as the development pattern. It will promote our province to be a vinegar industry strong province from the vinegar production province. Vinegar culture tourism project will build a cultural tourism base for the development of the whole province’s vinegar industry, build a history and culture exhibition platform for Shanxi vinegar industry, build a new cultural landscape for the provincial capital and contribute to the cultural tourism development in our province.