Everyone is responsible for safe production

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  Safety production is the unity of safety and production. The purpose is safety promote production and production must be safe. Doing well in work and improving working conditions can mobilize the enthusiasm of the workers. Reducing worker casualties, can reduce the loss of workforce. Reducing the loss of property can increase enterprise efficiency, assuredly it will promote the development of Production. Production must be safe because safety is precondition for production. No safety,no production.


    Zilin industry always put safety production in priority. Safety production is the main topic and emphasis during the weekly meeting. In order to carry through the principle of “Safety first, precaution crucial.”, all the staff attended the safety operation test from Aug 11st to Aug13th to guide and standardize the production safety of employees. After the test, Safety department marked and found that qualification rate is 95% and 82 members gained full marks. It shows that all the staff are positive and serious in studying safety knowledge, so as to lay a solid foundation for the safety of the company.