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Zilin vinegar industry is located in Qingxu County, Shanxi Province, which is the capital of vinegar in China. It is a high-tech enterprise in the brewing industry with microbial fermentation as its core technology, and a national key leading enterprise in the agricultural industrialization with vinegar as its leading industry. The company adheres to "carry forward the spirit of craftsmen and pursue excellence quality", takes "vinegar capital is still in the purple forest thick road" as the brand language of the enterprise, and "a group of people work for a lifetime" to devote themselves to enlarging and strengthening the vinegar industry in Jin Dynasty.

On the basis of inheriting the essence of traditional craft, Zilin vinegar industry has realized the innovation of traditional craft technology, adopted information control technology and mechanized operation mode, utilized the natural conditions such as the distinct climate environment of the local four seasons, the microbial population of vinegar fermentation for hundreds of years, etc., and "Honest" vinegar brewing series products have achieved supernormal and leapfrog development in the fierce market environment. One of the leading enterprises in vinegar industry in China.

Purple forest vinegar has seven series and more than 100 kinds of products, including brewing vinegar, health vinegar, flavor vinegar, fruit vinegar, vinegar beverage, compound juice beverage, brewing liquor and so on. "Zilin" brand Shanxi old vinegar has five traditional processes: steaming, fermentation, fumigation, drying and aging. The product has the flavor quality of "sour, cotton, sweet, fragrant and fresh", and is the product protected by geographical indications of the People's Republic of China.