ZiLin Culture

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The Core System of Corporate Culture Ideas

Zilin Oath: One thing for a group of people all their lives

Enterprise Vision: To be a bigger employee, to strengthen the enterprise, to make Shanxi become the world vinegar capital, to let the aroma of purple forest vinegar float in Kyushu.

Enterprise Mission: Leading the New Trend of Healthy Fashion Life and Setting up New Standards for Industry Standardization and Development

Zilin Team: Extremely confident, optimistic, hardworking and fighting

Values: To cultivate oneself, to secure one's interests by righteousness, to uphold simplicity, to keep one's humility and to renew one's life for a long time

Quality concept: product is human quality is life

Enterprise Spirit: Be Honest, Be Smart, Work Hard, Study Hard and Pursue Perfection

Cultural Idea: Army + School + Family

Product Manifesto: Vinegar Du Shang Pin Zilin Hou Dao

Work Style: Strict, Practical, Solidarity, Work, Work, Practice and Practice

Code of Conduct: Don't be small for good, but not small for evil.